Want to bring your own Tee and get a Custom Print on it, we make it easy.

Sometimes you might not be able to find the T Shirt or Apparel you are after here or sometime you just have a favorite brand that you want to use. We are happy for you to BYO your T Shirts or Apparel. We have no minimum on our BYO T Shirts and Apparel, we are happy to print one to whatever you need.
There are a few things that you need to make sure of when Bring Your Own T Shirts and Apparel for DTG Printing.

The T Shirts and Apparel need to be at least 80% cotton to make sure that you get a great print on it. Elastain, Rayon, Viscose, Spandex and other such materials are not recommended for DTG Printing. If you are wanting to print onto a 100% Polyester or other blends it is best to give us a ring so we can disscuss with you what you are after, the compisition of the garment and what would be the best option for the printing.

For 100% Cotton or 80/20 Cotton Blend all you need to do is design your shirts using our ‘BYO’ garment online designer and then bring in your T Shirt or Apparel and we can print it up for you:

You can either drop off your Tee’s or post them to us at,  Shop 6 50 Hume St Norman Park QLD 4170

By ordering online you are agreeing to our terms and conditions for BYO supplied garments.

Volume Discounts.

We Offer Volume Discounts on your BYO Custom Printing. The Discounts for Bring Your Own T Shirts and Apparel is as follows:

5+5%, 10+ 10%, 20+ 15%, 30+ 20%

Our terms and conditions for BYO supplied garments.

Garments must be a minimum of 80%-100% cotton, No Elestain or other stretch materials. 80% Cotton 20% Polyester should be OK but the customer assumes the responsibility for the make up as some garments do not show the correct composition of the garment.

If a print error occurs or the print quality is low due to the composition of the garment then The Custom T Shirt Shop will not refund the customer for the garment.

The Client accepts that they are providing their apparel at their own risk and will take responsibility for the composition and the print quality on the garments.

We will show all care and do our best with the garments that you supply, but do not take any responsibility with BYO T Shirts and Apparel.

For our full BYO T Shirts terms and conditions regarding BYO T Shirt and Apparel Printing please click here