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TCTS The Best T Shirt Printer

The Custom T Shirt Shop, we consider to be the Best T Shirt Printer the Brother GTX here is why.

At The Custom T Shirt Shop we are continually looking at the latest technologies and making decisions about what is going to be the best for our productivity, and quality for our customers. When we purchased our DTG Printers many years ago we made the choice to use the Brother GT3 printers as they were recognized as the work horse of the Digital T Shirt printing industry. Great print quality, high resolution prints and a dependable printer that wanted to work hard. We have now had three of the Brother GT3 Printers and while 2 of these printers have passed on we still have one GT3 that does some of our printing to this day.


TCTS GTX Printer

The GTX is now our Through Breed that we use day in and day out, with improved print quality, more vibrant prints and even higher resolution. High print quality at a fast print speed. With years of development behind the printer and continuous upgrades to make it even better, the Brother GTX is the clear choice when we were upgrading our equipment.

In our opinion these are some of the benefits of the Brother GTX Printer

  • High quality durable ink set created from scratch just for the GTX printer
  • Environmentally friendly ink
  • One of the largest colour gametes in the apparel printing industries
  • OEKO-TEX Certified for peace of Mind
  • Certified child apparel print friendly
  • AATCC Print Wash Certified
  • A Industry standard print area of 350mm x 400mm
  • An with specialized platens available to suit specialized printing requirements
  • Oversized platen available
  • Purpose built software interface for greater control
  • State of the art hardware and software come together to make the Brother GTX The Best T Shirt Printer available to the industry.

TCTS brother-gtx GT4

Our staff are often asked by other printing companies for advice about the Brother printers as they are recognized as  some of the best at what they do in our industry. With passion for what we do. We have a great relationship with our Suppliers GJS we have created a technical knowledge to get the best out of our Brother Printers.

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